wiwikanggraini (wiwikanggraini) wrote,

the Original Companion

I've been writing and thinking about adventures for an original companion. I have several ideas and none quite worked out, so I wasn't exactly ready to post them. However, after having seen "the God-complex" and with no chance of seeing Rita back, I felt the need to memorize the characters who had great potential but never made it onboard the TARDIS. Here's for D.I. Menzies and for Rita.

She Didn't Come
The outlook was fantastic and I desperately needed to escape. There were dreary days filled with daily irritations and daydreams of holidays and if I felt exceptionally brave or doomed, with wishes for a new life. I ran after him when he was about to depart. I had seen existence out of world and was hungry for more.

“Can I come?” I asked hopefully, my eyes flooding with hope.

He stuck his head outside and looked at me pained. “I’m sorry,” he said, “I’m afraid not. Not that I don’t like you,” he smiled uncertainly, “but better not.” Quickly he closed the door.

Soon the alien wheezing that had become familiar to me commenced and the blue box slowly dematerialized out of sight.
Tags: doctor who, original companion
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