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Multiple Doctor Ficlets

So, I decided to collect these as well.

4th and 10th Doctor meeting
The Doctor scanned the multi-coloured, multi-coloured scarf wearing man in floppy hat frantically muttering out loud: “It can’t be, it can’t be, it just can’t be!”

The wide eyed man had wiped the grin off of his face and followed the Doctor’s scanning with confusion and interest: “What are you doing?”

The Doctor walked around the man continuing the scanning: “I’m scanning you.”

The man turned around with the Doctor proceeding to attempt to circle the man: “Whatever for?” the man said in a deep smooth voice. His big blue eyes fell on the sonic screwdriver: “Is that a sonic screwdriver?”

The Doctor groaned as the man turned with him a finger pointing at the sonic screwdriver: “Yes, that’s a sonic screwdriver. Will you just stand still for a minute!?”

The man didn’t stop turning around, but did keep asking questions: “Where did you get…” he started before getting cut short by the Doctor: “I’m scanning you to make sure you’re real.”

The man seemed to take that as an insult. He wrapped his long scarf defiantly around his neck before responding: “Of course I’m real; I’m the Doctor.”

The Doctor sighed and hang his head in frustration and then burst out : “and so am I!”

The man’s eyes grew even wider: “No, really!?” the man pulled out his own sonic screwdriver and started to scan the Doctor.

“What are you doing!?” the Doctor inquired.

“I’m checking if you’re real.”

“Of course I’m real,” the Doctor screamed back his voice squeaking: “I’m the Doctor!”

Back to Front 8th & 5th
How do you relate to a person who was someone else, or not exactly someone else, but completely different? Not only his appearance has changed, but also his character. His character has not changed on an elementary basis, but more on a detail surface. You know, the small things about a person, like what colour someone likes and if they like candy or just chocolate. He’s still scattered minded, absent sometimes or just plain busy in his head. He still talks in riddles, changes direction at the last minute and he’s still the genius I once knew. But he’s definitely not the Doctor I once knew. And I’ve been told I’m experiencing him all back to front.

He’s cute, fair headed, tall with sparkling blue eyes and his voice squeaks when he gets a bit excited. I can get used to this other version of the Doctor. He’s usually sweet tempered, but can go off like an explosion when you can’t get to agree with him; usually we agree on things. He can be excited like a child about new planets, creatures or whatever he has never seen before. He’s insatiably curious and encourages us to explore as well. I can get used to this version of the Doctor, but I do miss my Doctor.

He was mildly offended when I referred to my Doctor. I do realize there are a few things wrong about my choice of phrasing. First of all, there’s only one Doctor. Secondly, he’s not mine and thirdly, it is a bit unfair to have preferences. It’s still true though, his other version just seemed to match better with my own personality.

He is almost all that the fair headed Doctor is; he just seems more sensible to me. He’s curly headed with locks dancing just above his shoulders. He talks in a gentle voice and drawls every last word of a sentence slightly making everything sound smooth. He’s usually sweet tempered, but can go off like an explosion when he senses something not belonging. He’s excited about new discoveries and draws you in easily. He’s curious which wets his appetite for adventure. He taught me and showed me so much.

I do realize, I do know, that the same powers were at work when he drew me out of my life into his. Both times his excitement and encouragement touched me and drew me in. With both I felt instantly comfortable, I would follow him to the end of the Universe. Both have a habit, or is it a talent, of getting involved in other creatures problems. Silly, how I keep talking about him as if he’s two persons. In my heart I know those two visions are one person, but my head keeps mixing things up.

While watching his blond self I am happy to be back, but I do miss the brown curled one. Silly really, because he’s still the Doctor, from head to toe and from back to front.

The Doctor
He is a man of many faces, but always with the same feel in those eyes. Often blue, big and bulging, sometimes hiding and I’m not sure what colour they actually are. Or squinting brown beneath alien eyebrows.

He talks a lot, sometimes letting words escape in a quiet roll. Sometimes in a rapid flow like bullets hitting target bulletproof, or eloquently and dramatic, his sarcasm easily bleeding through. And sometimes quiet, comforting, like retreating rain before a sun break. But always confident and a lot.

He carries himself tall, sometimes small, but always clearly present. He pokes, he inquires, he marvels and he runs all the time. He throws tantrums over subjects I know nothing about. He skips when I follow, bounces when I ask. He goes off on lengthy rants to the smallest of questions or remarks.

When he smiles the suns sparkle and the stars become many. When he fights the dark will light up to support. When he questions our ways new ways will open. When he flies away again, our hearts will carry hope.

Cuteness Contest 5th & 8th
The 5th Doctor emerges from the TARDIS looking very worried at the other police box shaped TARDIS's. Then he notices a couple, a man and a girl. The man, he thinks, must be him, the girl a new companion?

Anna to 8: Is he you as well?
8: Yup, 5th body, if I'm not mistaken.
Anna: You were cute!
8: *broad grin* Thanks!...*frown* What do you mean 'Were'?

Another accounter 8th & 5th
Another one with 5 & 8; They're just too cute.

Eight had already arrived when Five’s TARDIS materialized on Aurelia. Five took a quick look at the other TARDIS’s, all together 6 were present now. Then he looked at the man standing a few metres away; the man was already looking at him. Five stepped closer looking the man up and down. He had shoulder length brown curls that framed his long face and in that face stood soft light blue eyes that smiled gently at him. He wore a dark green velvet coat and a brown patterned waistcoat under it, his grey cravat completing it. Under it he wore light crème coloured trousers and black sensible shoes.

“Hello,” Five greeted.

The man had looked him up and down as well and when he finished he smiled with sweet sentiment and recognition in his eyes.

“Hello,” the man greeted back.



“So, you’re 8 then?”

“Impeccable math skills, Doctor,” the 8th incarnation chirped.

The corner of Five’s mouth pulled down: “There’s no need to patronize me.”

Some of the brightness fell off the 8th’s face: “I’m sorry,” he said.

“So there are more of me here?” the 5th incarnation continued.

“Sublime observational skills, Doctor. Yes, 4 more of me…us have arrived.” 8 quickly wiped the grin of his face when he noticed 5 was more annoyed than impressed with his quip.
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