wiwikanggraini (wiwikanggraini) wrote,

Doctor Who Tweets

I thought it would be fun to write Doctor Who tweets. I didn't post them on my twitter account, but maybe I will in the future. Multiple Doctors, or the one you like best.

He’s staring intensely at his console after having fiddled with the controls. Is something wrong? I would be surprised if there wasn’t.
(characters: 135)

He’s cuter than he should be. If he was from earth and quite a bit younger…I hope I’ll look as young as he does when I’m that age.
(Characters: 130)

We landed at Skolominus or something. Colourful creatures are approaching. They look like oversized worms. They look pissed off. Run?
(Characters: 133)

How fast can worms slither?
(Character: 27)

The Doctor says we have to short cut the matter dispenser. I hope with “we” he means “I”, cause that went straight over my head.
(Characters: 128)

Just checking if I can tweet from the TARDIS.
(Characters: 45)

Tweets appear on my screen as being post; the TARDIS is online.
(Characters: 63)

I asked the Doctor where we are, he said he didn’t know. WIN!
(Characters: 61)

How come we always only just manage to come out of adventures alive? I asked the Doctor and he swiftly changed subject.
(Characters: 119)

How come wherever we go, we always end up in a lot of trouble and running our legs out of our bodies? Even when we planned downtime?
(Characters: 132)

I suggested we blow the door out. The Doctor was not amused. What can you do with a wooden door the sonic screwdriver doesn’t work on?
(Characters: 134)

I wondered out loud where he had found his clothes and in which time it was actually fashionable. The Doctor explained extensively. Hmmph.
(Characters: 138)

There’s a shower on the TARDIS. Where does the water come from? And what about plumming?
(Characters: 88)

Today the Doctor did a guided tour through the TARDIS. I’m sure there are adventures to be had in there. Suppose he needs the fresh air.
(Characters: 136)

All our foes conveniently speak English. The Doctor says the TARDIS translates everything in your head. You think she also does currencies?
(Characters: 139)

For a Time-Lord he is remarkably often late.
(Characters: 45)

He always sounds so chirpy, but I know he’s hiding something. I can see it in his eyes and the way he carries himself around me.
(Characters: 128)
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