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Doctor Who Ficlets

These are a collection of my Doctor Who ficlets. No complete stories, just character study and weird intro's to adventures no one will ever know off. I posted them in order of when I wrote them. So like a real Time Lord you'll be skipping from time to time and from timeline to timeline. Oh, all the ficlets do in some way include the same original companion. Sounds pretentious, but a girl can dream, right?

4th Doctor
The first piece is a 4th Doctor piece, but it's not neatly written like the ones below. I will post it when I reworked it.

Okay, so this is not actually the original piece I wrote for the 4th Doctor, nor does it have Anna (the original companion) in it, but Sarah Jane Smith.

Sarah Jane Smith looked bewildered at the Doctor. He was not in suit, he was not in bowtie, but he was in long scarf. He was the Doctor who had dropped her off more than 30 years earlier, not in Croydon.

She stammered: "It's you!" eyes wide with confusion, but also excitement. The Doctor frowned at her: "Of course it's me. What's the matter with you Sarah?" The Doctor looked around slightly confused: "Croydon has changed a lot," he finally muttered. Sarah Jane smiled: "This is not Croydon, Doctor." The Doctor turned back to her: "Not Croydon? Oh...I was almost afraid I dropped you off in the wrong place." Now Sarah Jane was laughing.

8th Doctor
Anna watches the Doctor and Charley playfully teasing each other as they tried to work out what was wrong with the TARDIS. A nagging feeling she identified as jealousy. Even though she has him, she never really does with her being wherever she is and with him always off to somewhere else with someone else. They were always meant to be an item, but they were never meant to be together.

As the Doctor comes closer to get some tools Anna dives back into the thesis she was trying to read. She doesn’t hear him leave so she looks up.

“Is there anything you want from me?” she says, hoping it’s in a level tone beyond possibility. She suspects and tries to control the slight tremor in her voice betraying her feelings for him. There’s something in his eyes too betraying his feelings for her and the guilt that creeps in his heart whenever she’s with him.

He stands there motionless for a good few seconds staring down at her before saying in a calm controlled voice: “No, it’s all right,” highlighting the situation they always find themselves in. It’s all right; all the way things should be with her there and with him somewhere else with someone else.

5th Doctor
“Oh, don’t say that! You say that in every incarnation!” Anna exclaims frustrated.

The Doctor merely blinks at her while he over thinks this accusation. Tegan stands somewhere behind him giggling while Nyssa just looks confused.

“I think I should know,” the Doctor mumbles not quite sure it’s true. His eyes scanning Anna’s face trying to figure out what she’s actually saying.

Anna continues: “In every incarnation you’re an arrogant know it all and in every incarnation you claim that in this incarnation you’re at your best.”

The Doctor frowns detecting the paradox in his own statements. He can hear Nyssa uncomfortably shuffling a foot in the ground while Tegan still silently sniggers. Eventually he tries to calm the situation while still trying to find evidence to the contrary.

“It’s hard to tell when you’re in the middle of an incarnation. Hmmno, I don’t think I’m as arrogant as I used to be. Surely, I have improved.”

Anna huffs, her body going rigid with irritation: “There you go again!”

The Doctor throws his arms in the air now getting frustrated and irritated himself: “Well, no one’s perfect!”

“No, no one is and don’t you forget that,” Anna preaches wiggling her index finger at the Doctor.

Tegan bursts out into another fit of giggles while Nyssa politely clears her throat.

6th Doctor
Anna takes a small bite from her sandwich as she watches the Doctor emerge from the TARDIS. His eyes are intently fixed on two, at first sight identical, parts of the TARDIS in his hands. He holds the part in his left hand up away from the sun to have a good look at it. He turns it around a few a times studying each side thoroughly. Then he lowers his left hand and repeats the action with the part in his right hand before going: “Hmmm…”

Anna swallows the last bits of sandwich inquiring with half a mouth full: “Wot?”

“These two parts,” the Doctor answers in his deft voice, “should be exactly identical.”

Anna takes another bite not caring about etiquettes: “And they’re not?”

“No no, they are,” the Doctor says now holding both parts up.

“Then what’s the problem?”

The Doctor lowers his right arm: “This one has minuscule space bumps on them.” He lowers his left arm and holds up the part in his right hand: “This one is scratched but merely undamaged.”

Anna stops chewing her sandwich as she tries to figure out what the problem is. The Doctor meanwhile joins her at the little camping table reaching out to get a sandwich, now both parts in his left hand.

Anna eyes the Doctor still waiting for the conclusion and getting irritated that he seems to be picking up all the sandwiches to check what’s on it.

“So…,” she coaxes him to continue.

“So what?” the Doctor inquires having chosen the sandwich to his liking and taking a big bite.

“What’s the problem?”

“Oh, there is no problem,” is the muffled answer. “You thought there was a problem?”

Anna slightly grimaces: “There usually is with you.”

1st Doctor
Anna clutches the Doctor’s arm as they walk on the beach, the wind in their hair and the sand dancing around their feet. The Doctor looks off into the distance with a contented look in his eyes. However Anna did wish he wasn’t as contented with himself as he was. No matter how comfortable arm in arm she was with him, or how much she trusted him, there was always that underlying notion of arrogance, a foul mood and disturbances. Anna knew it could whip up and hit her in the face like the wind beating the sand in her eyes. Anna was not blinded to the Doctor’s faults. The Doctor had not blinded her with his heart warming passion, his witty intellect and childlike curiosity. He kept her on her toes, not only for science in space and time, but also for himself. He was still an unpredictable rebel.

The Doctor hummed against the wind supporting Anna as she supported him. His head always ready for new adventure, cautiously peering at the beach house in the distant. Anna followed his gaze and watched the sand coloured walls sway in the wind. The building shimmered like a fata morgana, like an illusion, a watermark in the air. Anna expected it to disappear. She held on to the Doctor’s arm feeling him pull away. He was eager to get there, to investigate.

“C’mon child, no need to dawdle,” He increased speed, if only slightly. His right hand on Anna’s right hand which gripped around his left arm. His cane with every step pointing forward as if pointing out the way. The Doctor padded through the sand with his chin up high and his eyes focused on where he was going dragging the girl with him.

She was not like Susan. She was shy yet firm. She was bright, just not as bright as Susan but she got by well. She did not complain, she did question him a bit much though. She could hold her own amongst others, among monsters, amongst him. She kept him sharp and vaguely reminded him of Susan. She kept in pace with him staying close, arm in arm. The Doctor knew she was up for adventure and to learn, to learn so much, many things and he would be her tutor. He liked that idea, so he didn’t let go of her hand even though he felt she was holding him back a little. Not that he would run; he was not a young man anymore, or yet again. He could speed up a bit more, see if she would follow. Of course she would. Thank god she would. The Doctor didn’t want to think of her not following him anymore.

2nd Doctor
The Doctor keeps quiet at the edge of the group. He’s bended slightly as if leaning in to hear better, his eyes eagerly scanning his surroundings and the people in it. He listens closely to the arguing while his eyes fly from one person to the other. He only keeps his eyes a few seconds on a person, his eyes nearly piercing into their brains analyzing their words even before they have left their mouths.

“I’m sure we can arrange something with them,” Professor Carrandon bellows. “They agreed cooperation.”

“Are you mad!?” his assistant screams at him. “They’re Cybermen, they don’t look like they like to get into a discussion.”

The professor shakes his head in disapproval: “Now now, Deirdre, a bit more faith.” His little eyes are dark and mischievous. He throws a quick glance at the Doctor.

Jamie chimes in: “I’ve met the Cybermen before, they kill is what they do.”

The professor turns to the controls and studies the panel with a finger to his lips. His furry eyebrows wiggle as he identifies the levers and buttons and their appropriate functions.

“And even if you unfreeze them,” the assistant wonders: “How are you going to get them back in their uh caves?”

The professor ignores her and starts pushing buttons. Anna wonders if he knows what he’s doing. It looks like he knows what he’s doing. She glances at the Doctor who briefly glances back, but stays in place without a word.

“Now listen,” Jamie barks at the professor pushing his way towards the control panel: “You don’t know what they’re like.”

Meanwhile water starts to drip from the ceilings. The professor looks up at the ceiling when a drop drips on the control panel, then he looks at the caves slowly whirring into life. Deirdre backs away towards the exit her hands grabbing against the walls of the cave, her eyes huge and round in fear.

The professor grins a yellow toothy grin. “Here we go,” he mumbles to himself.

Anna moves over to the Doctor: “You knew this was going to happen,” she accused.

The Doctor peers at her through his eyelashes: “So did you,” he whispers back: “Why didn’t you do anything?”

10th Doctor
“I need to connect the time locater with the matter suspender here. And then make sure the chromosome calculator is hooked up there. And the timer for the particle controller should be switched on.”

Anna sits squatting in front of the console staring at the Doctor’s legs. She’s not sure he’s talking to her or talking to himself. The Doctor lies under the console connecting threads to each other and reconnecting other threads into sockets. The whirring of the sonic screwdriver indicating the connections are made and secured.

The Doctor rolls from under the console back into view a cheeky grin on his face and his eyes twinkling.

“We don’t want to get suspended in the Time Vortex, now do we?” the Doctor chirps happily. Anna shakes her head and gives a sound: “No!” even though she has no idea what he’s talking about.

The Doctor jumps up in a twirl and immediately starts pushing buttons and resetting levers on the console running around it in a mad, nearly frantic fashion. Anna slowly stands up from her squatting position feeling her left leg has fallen asleep. The column in the middle of the console whirs into life with a refreshed jolt.

“Where are we going?” Anna asks.

The Doctor only quickly looks up at her and removes his black rimmed glasses from his nose. With a satisfied look he puts them back into his jacket.

“Nowhere in particular,” he informs as he checks the column. He touches it gently and gives it a quick stroke. “There you go, is that better, girl?”

“We are in motion, aren’t we?” Anna is not quite sure.

“Yes,” the Doctor confirms while still looking at the column going up and down.

“Then where are we going?”

“Just a test run.”

Anna frowns at the Doctor. Her eyes cautiously glide to the column. The wheezing of the TARDIS has settled back into a hum as she was now in mid-flight. The Doctor stuffed his hands in his blue trousers still looking up at the column with a happy satisfied smile.

They’re shaken off their feet when a sudden bang shakes the TARDIS up and with another bang lands harshly on a surface. The lights go off and only a dim yellow light gives some sight. Anna pushes up on her hands as she searched in the dark for the Doctor.

“Heey!?” she hears the Doctor say to the TARDIS. She hears him scrambling on the other side of the console.

“Doctor!? What was that!? What happened!?”

For a moment there’s a silence, not even the TARDIS is humming and the Doctor seemed to be still as well.

“Doctor!?” Anna tries again. The Doctor shushes her: “Listen,” he whispers.

Anna’s voice going down to a whisper as well: “What?”

Suddenly the Doctor jumps up causing a scream to escape from Anna’s mouth.

“Nah, nothing, I probably forgot to reconnect something.”

3rd Doctor
“I do wish he wouldn’t start shooting immediately,” the Doctor was referring to the Brigadier.

Anna chuckled. The Brigadier was a wonderful man with a bit a different approach to fighting monsters than the Doctor’s. Anna could see why it annoyed the Doctor, but on the other hand, he could be a bit of a whine too.

“It would also be nice if I get the TARDIS to work properly; these tools don’t get us anywhere,” the Doctor threw demonstrative a lab cup on the table.

Anna derived from it that the Doctor would pick up tools somewhere else, maybe from another time too. Or he would rather just run like the wind, most likely.

“And to get stuck in just one time,” the Doctor shakes his head confirming Anna’s suspicions.

Anna chuckles again: “May I remind you that we earthlings are always stuck in one time? Everything goes just linear; very predictable and sometimes very boring.”

The Doctor stares at her: “I do pity you earthlings,” his words dripping with sarcasm.

Anna just smiles; she knows the Doctor could be a cranky grump: “It does give you the opportunity to look forward to things.”

“Yesss,” the Doctor hadn’t managed to delete the sarcastic undertone: “I am very much looking forward to getting away.”

Now it’s Anna’s turn to be sarcastic: “Now you know how we working class people feel on a daily basis.”

11th Doctor
It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride, but in the end it all turned out quite all right. The Doctor stares at himself in a mirror; geez, a huge chin! He fingers his bowtie with an index finger and thumb, pulls and twists at it carefully then lets it go with a soft plop. That bowtie looked exceptionally good on him, never mind the chin. He stands up right pulling his tweed jacket straight while admiring his new look. Huge hair too, interesting. No wonder at first he thought he’d become a girl.

His eyes wander over to the blue suit; he used to love that suit in his 10th incarnation. He always thought he looked exceptionally good in it. His eyes travel back to the mirror to compare his new attire to his old one. Anna was probably right, what he once thought was the height of fashion in an incarnation always seemed to fade in comparison to his new style. Anna always laughed at his clothes, no matter which incarnation he was in, but she also told him that in his case the man made the clothes. He was sort of proud of that.

With a contented sigh the Doctor turned around. Finally a quiet moment to contemplate his new life with Amy in the TARDIS somewhere. Was she lost; he hadn’t heard from her for a while? It didn’t matter all that much; the TARDIS might be big on the inside, but at least she was safely inside. Confidently the Doctor stepped through his dressing room taking a last look around. Even the TARDIS looked completely refreshed. “A new life, new looks; here we come new adventures,” the Doctor thought.

Over with all the drama. Over with all the self-pity and over with all the loneliness. There was still a Universe out there with creatures in it wanting to tip the balance over to war and violence. Now he had a fresh mind onboard with fresh views to refuel the innocence and wonder into him and into the Universe. The Doctor felt a new confidence with this incarnation, it was inspiring.

His eyes wandered over stray pieces of clothing hanging on chairs, tables and hat stands and even over the mirror. Like in every new incarnation he planned to wash and put it away neatly, he just never came to it. It was funny how every single piece reminded him of some adventure varying from early adventures in his 1st incarnation to more recent adventures he had in his 10th incarnation.

It didn’t matter, the trail of clothing, it reminded him once more that a man was the sum of his memories, a Time Lord even more so.

9th Doctor

It feels dangerous to feel sorry for him. Sometimes even he seems to think that. Sometimes, when I’m watching him, worried, he fixes a warning glare on me, then he grins as if denying the tragedy he was still learning to cope with. Sometimes he skips all over the place trying hard to forget and to focus on the future, what might hold for him. Not time entirely, because he lives in all times. What happened or will happen to anyone except him he can study, wiggle a finger at it and change it for the best. When it comes to his own story, he is powerless and it frustrates him.

So he leaps at every opportunity to do where he can. So he puts a finger to my lips when I’m trying to ask him, about him, or he acts as if he didn’t hear and he slyly changes the subject. Sometimes he sulks in secret, quietly in the dark. Sometimes he blazes fury at all that is wrong. Sometimes he forgets and moves on. But always will he remember what he has lost.

7th Doctor
And also finally the entry for the 7th Doctor. Almost complete; only the 4th to rewrite.

Twisted. Her mind bent in unnatural ways close to breaking point. She could have slapped him, but she would never have meant it. Or at least not the viciousness with which she would have done it. She would have meant to slap him, for the pain he caused her, no matter what the cause. No matter what he had meant to teach her. He twisted and manipulated her with words spoken and unsaid. He had pushed her, pulled her and confused her. He had tested her faith in him till it snapped; till she snapped. Till she felt she had gone around the bend, her innocence removed, her ideals and morals twisted till the line between good and wrong had blurred.

She felt robbed. There was nothing left of her old self, the one chasing the light for hope. The one who put her heart and life in his hands full of faith and wonder about life. The one who believed in the good in people, the one who would rather chant ‘Live and let live’ rather than ‘Live and let die’. To become what or who? She felt like an empty shell. She felt the new experiences heavy on her heart thumping through her veins. She felt new views, ideas and morals settle in her head. She felt like more wisdom where life and death met. She felt hard rather than soft. She felt mediocre rather than grand. She felt experienced rather than open minded. She felt new opposites.

She felt he had pushed her, maybe too far. She felt he had taught her, maybe too rough. She felt he had showed her, maybe too raw. She felt he had made her, more than she had wished for.

No matter the pain, she could not forget. She couldn’t forget what he had done for her. She could not forget what he had meant to her. She would never forget him.

11th Doctor
Jack to River in flirty way: Hello...
River flirty back: Hello.
Doctor: Jack, that's my wife!
Jack: I just said 'Hello'.
a very annoyed 2nd wife entering
2nd wife to Doctor: The next time you decide to annoy could you at least give me a warning!?
Jack flirtatious to 2nd wife: Hello..
Doctor: Jack, that's my ...uh...wife...
Jack: How come you have two wives and I'm not even allowed to say 'Hello'?
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