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SLASH A Strange String of Events

Title: A Strange String of Events
Author: Wiwik
Summary: Charlie Brooker feeling guilty about how he feels about David Mitchell. Not neccessarily sexual.
Rating: G
Reviews: Would be very much appreciated
Disclaimer: I do not own either Charlie nor David :-(. I do not make any money with this story. I was just inspired.

Here's a story I didn't want to write. Gawd thank it's very short. And my apologies to both Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell....I feel dirty now.

Charlie couldn’t believe the sheer volume of his own voice or how crazed his cackle had sounded a few moments earlier. He wasn’t supposed to react to a man like that; he was straight as an arrow. Yet there he was over shouting David even though his mind was telling him feverishly he couldn’t possibly win this argument while his body twitched in a strange way. This was not normal. Or at least it wasn’t normal compared to his past behaviour. He actually found himself panting after his mind had taken control of his urges again. He wondered if his cheeks were glowing colourlessly, he certainly hoped so. There was so much wrong about this situation.

“Right,” he said trying to sound firm.

David had settled back into his seat, his eyes twinkling with something Charlie couldn’t read; it worried him. He fumbled nervously with the cards in his hands and kept staring with dead eyes at the words dancing in front of him. He had to take control again, this was his show.


It was not a situation Charlie hadn’t encountered before. He had been in an argument with David before. Never very seriously; it was in the name of comedy and David was really good at it. Only this evening Charlie had realized getting into an argument with David excited him in a way he was not so familiar with. He also realized he tended to lose his composure whenever it happened. And it was all in public. The public already thought weirdly of him. Charlie never thought of himself as a critic. He also felt like he was not half as angry and grumpy as a lot of people thought he was. It confused him. And now this; not only would his behaviour present him as a potty mouthed grump, but also as a very loud and senseless one. Charlie wished David’s mind didn’t work so logically. He wished David didn’t allow himself and Charlie to get into discussions like that, because Charlie had great trouble keeping himself in control and not get overly excited every time and yet he didn’t seem to be able to withstand temptations.

Charlie was so engrossed in his own musings, he didn’t hear David approaching.

“Charlie,” David said attracting attention.

Charlie swirled around more wildly then he intended to; David simply startled him from his thoughts. He tried to look calm.

“Oh David...”

David’s hand extended for a handshake, a simple handshake.

Uncoordinatedly Charlie grabbed David’s hand feeling rather stupid for the awkward handshake: “Thank you for coming,” he managed to squeeze out.

David’s smile was pleasant; he didn’t seem to recognize the weirdness of the situation: “Thank you for having me,” he politely answered.

David had let go while Charlie was still holding on to air. Without seconds thought Charlie only murmered ‘OK’ and fled the scene leaving a baffled David behind.
Tags: charlie brooker, david mitchell
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