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SLASH Gonna Make You Love Me

Title: Gonna Make You Love Me
Author: WiwikAnggraini
Fisrt published: 15 May 2006
Pairing: Mayer/Mraz
Summary: Ah just read it!
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: 'It’s just fiction!'
Review: Please, would be very appreciated
A/N: Yeah, I just love reading slash with this pairing, but unfortunately for me, everybody seems to be done with this pairing, so I suppose I’m gonna have to try to entertain myself. I hope I entertained (some of) you in the process as well.

A driving beat floated from John’s New York loft. John had climbed the stairs to his apartment on the second floor; all in the name of good health. His heart was pounding from the climb and from what he hoped he was going to see. Outside his door he recognized Ryan Adam’s ‘Gonna Make You Love Me’. Nervously he fumbled his keys out of his jean pocket before trying the keyhole with trembling hands. He was surprised he could get shaken up like he was by someone. In a split second John’s mind ran all possibilities of what was coming next. He imagined about a hundred candles flickering happily in his living room and his new lover standing in the middle with a single rose in his hands. John would pick him up and carry him to the bedroom for a night of hot passion.

John shook his head at his fantasy and he almost felt too ashamed to face the boy. Cautiously he opened the door. The sweet smell of new love was mixed with the loud sound of energetic love music; it almost threw John back into the hallway. His careful steps remained unheard and John took the opportunity to stay behind the living room door, which was ajar, to see what kept his mind busy and his heart beating fast.

He wore one of his many pink shirts, faded jeans and worn out sneakers, his red trucker cap slightly tipped to the right. He was dancing to the music, surprisingly light and skilled and seemingly unashamed. He was singing along in that characteristic sweet and clear voice. John watched the scene falling in love all over again.

Jason smiled brightly as he held John close, feeling their flat stomachs pulled together, and staring into his sparkling dark eyes. ‘Dance with me’ he had said to John. John had given in after a few protests and after Jason had simply grabbed him and lead him thru the whole apartment dancing. John had to admit, he enjoyed holding and dancing with Jason like that. His awkward stumbling fell miraculously in rhythm with Jason’s steady pace; he felt as if he was flying. And Jason sang:

Riot in the streets, the touch beneath the sheets
It’s only gonna make you love me more
The cops they got the guns, the night destroys the sun
It’s only gonna make you love me more

This old world, well, it was mine to take
Faith can keep you warm, but I’ll teach you how to shake
And I’ll come to you like a little girl
It’s only gonna make you love me more

Moonlight on the beach, sweet amphetamines
It’s only gonna make you love me more
Bottles and the cans, the idiots go dance
It’s only gonna make you love me more

(repeat chorus)

They say that love is hell, but I’ve been laughin’ ever since I fell
It’s only gonna make you love me more
The lord will have his way but I’m just a call away
It’s only gonna make you love me more

(repeat chorus)

John got distracted as they passed the door when Jason suddenly said ‘Hi’ to an uninvited visitor standing in the hall. Next he heard was an alarmed Jason exclaiming ‘John!’ as he started to trip and took Jason down in his fall. He landed right on top of Jason, face down, face to face with Jason.

How long could they last together?
Tags: slash jason mraz john mayer
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